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We can support you in raising awareness of your road safety / risk management program, through motivational sessions with your drivers through to training your line managers on their roles and responsibilities towards road safety, along with how to engage with their direct reports regarding their driving.

Driver presentations

Developing the on-road safety culture is one of the key success factors in any successful road safety program, but this is challenging to achieve – everyone thinks they’re a great driver, don’t they?  We can help deliver motivational road safety messages at meetings and conferences, designed to get employees to think about their own driving and the scale of the road safety issue.  This can be a great way to kick-off any new or updated road safety initiative in your organisation.

Line Manager workshops

As Line Managers have such a pivotal role to play in ensuring the success of any work-related road risk management programme, one of our key services is delivering Line Manager workshops.  These are designed to:

  • Increase awareness of the scale of the problem, related to the risk of harm, the Total Cost of Risk associated with collisions and how safe driving contributes to an organisation’s CSR.

  • Explain the Line Manager’s roles and responsibilities in ensuring that the local work-related road risk management programme is effective in delivering a sustainable reduction in the collision and claim rate.

  • How to conduct post incident driver debriefs – this could be post collision or from exceptions and trends generated by driver behaviour telemetry systems.

  • How to determine the underlying management and/or driver root causes, and select the appropriate management and/or driver-focused interventions.

Workshops & Presentations

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