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Driving is usually the highest risk activity that you will ask any employee to undertake.  Globally 1.25 million people die in road collisions every year, with up to 50 million people sustaining injuries in crashes.  Over 90% of these collisions occur in low and middle-income countries, but even if you’re not operating in these regions, the risks are still significant – someone driving  40,000 km (25,000 miles) per year has a similar risk of dying at work as someone working in the coal mining or quarrying industries.

People making ‘at work’ journeys also have an increased risk of being involved in a collision.  Car drivers making a significant number (80%) of road journeys are 50% more likely to be involved in collisions where someone is injured and have 13% more crashes compared to drivers with similar exposure but making predominantly private journeys.

To find out the global crash data for the countries where you operate the Global Road Safety Partnership have an interactive map here.

Managing the Risk of Harm

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