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We can help organisations independently evaluate potential road safety related products and services to check on their fitness for purpose, likely efficacy and whether they are a good fit for the organisation.  Examples would include driver behaviour telemetry products & services, online assessments, e-learning products and training / coaching services.

For Fleets

We will work with you to independently identify and evaluate any products or services that you need as part of your work-related road risk management program, to ensure that you maximise the benefit from any investment you make.

For Suppliers

We will independently evaluate your product or service to ensure that it is an effective solution that can be deployed with your customers.

Developing an effective road safety product or service is not always straightforward.  As an example, there are many driver telemetry systems available, which have usually been developed in addition to some other core telematics functionality.  It is challenging to develop algorithms that accurately and effectively reflect how someone is driving, and to report on the right things; it is relatively straightforward to detect very bad driving but much more difficult to ensure that good driving is reflected in the measurements.  We can help with this, based on our understanding of what makes a safe driver.

Product & Service Evaluation

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