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How to manage Fleet Safety

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It is important to follow a proven work-related road risk management program to achieve continuous improvement in your collision and claim rates and make sustainable improvements.

The following image illustrates some of the elements of an effective process, based on proven Health & Safety principles:

The initial focus of any program should be on assessing and understanding all the risks, and how safe driving fits into to the operational practices and procedures in the organisation.  It is only when you have a thorough understanding of this that you can select the appropriate management and driver-focused interventions, based on your risk appetite and what you want your safety-operational balance to look like.

Developing the on-road safety culture is a key element of any effective and sustainable program, so should be an on-going part of your program.

What you measure is also important, to ensure that you understand the true extent of the issue and so that you can understand the effectiveness of your program, and whether anything is changing over time.

Managing work-related road safety is not a ‘one-off’ exercise, and you should re-visit the program periodically to ensure that it is still fit for purpose, and to ensure changes in your organisation and operations, legislation or technology are addressed.

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