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The Fleet Safety Management Assessment is designed to give you insights into the risks associated with employees making work-related road journeys, either in company provided vehicles or employees’ own or hired vehicles.

The assessment helps identify gaps in the management systems and/or the operating practices and procedures that could impact on the safety of the driver and increase the risk of a collision occurring, and provides recommendations on how to move your work-related road risk management programme onto the next level.

The following graphic illustrates some of the topics covered in the assessment, where questions in each area are based on current best practice.

Service selection

The assessment has three different levels – overview, review and analysis – to reflect your different needs and/or SBUs within your organisation (e.g. in operations in low and middle-income countries) based on the maturity of any existing work-related road risk management programme.  This ensures that we can focus on what’s important to you and deliver the right recommendations based on your current needs, and ensures that we do not take up any unnecessary time whilst conducting the assessment.


The Fleet Safety Management Assessment is delivered locally by fully trained and experienced consultants, working with the local management team.  Typically, your managers with responsibility for fleet/transport and Health & Safety would be involved in the assessment, although other key stakeholders may also need to be engaged depending on local management practices.

For larger customers, operating in multiple countries and/or SBUs, we can also train up managers to be able to deliver the assessments in-house, on a licence basis.


The Fleet Safety Management Assessment provides an objective measurement of your work-related road risk management programme, and allows you to benchmark your performance against our other customers who have undertaken the assessment and, equally importantly, to benchmark internally where different countries/SBUs in your organisation have been assessed separately.

As well as the objective scoring, recommendations are provided which, based on the experience of our consultants, will help you develop your work-related road risk management process and sustainably improve your collision and claim rates.

Fleet Safety Management Assessments

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