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We will work with you to identify, analyse and understand all management risks, based on your risk appetite.  ​We can then work with you to implement management change, to help create an environment in which employees are able to drive safely.

We can also help develop robust policies and procedures to support your strategic direction and ensure all key areas are addressed.

We can help you identify, evaluate and implement driver-focused initiatives such as risk assessments, e-learning, classroom training, in-vehicle coaching and telematics.

Fleet Safety Steering Groups

One way to effectively manage work-related road risks on an on-going basis is to use a steering group, composed of key stakeholders in your business, to take ownership of the program.

We can help you by sitting on these groups to provide our practical experience, based on our work with other customers, to provide insights into what is likely to be an effective approach in your particular circumstances.

We can also get involved in root cause analyses based on post-collision reviews to help you determine the appropriate operational, management or driver-focused interventions.


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