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We are fully independent consultants to ensure that we can provide thought leadership and give customers the best advice about how to sustainably reduce their collision and claim rates.  Whilst we do work with several organisations who offer additional fleet services we ensure that we maintain our technical integrity throughout, and will only ever give advice and recommendations which we think maximise the chances of a successful and sustainable outcome.

We work with a network of consultants, which we are continuously expanding, who we have trained up to ensure that they can work with local customers, on an independent basis, to deliver our products and services.

Fleet Safety Management was set up by Andy Price in 2018, primarily to work with customers looking to improve their road safety performance.

Andy has many years’ experience managing work-related road safety.  This started with practical experience of managing the safety of a fleet in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, in the chemical industry, where he was recognised in the fleet industry for its outstanding safety performance.  More recently Andy spent 14 years working in the insurance industry where he developed a market leading and multi award-winning proposition.

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